Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Love

Yesterday was Easter, and I must say, was one of the best Easter's I can remember! We went away for the weekend to spend some time with the family and it was A-MAZING to get away and just spend some good 'ol quality time with the fam! Because this year has been a bit trying for us health-wise,  we made sure to try and make it as healthy as possible while still making it fun and yummy!

To get our exercise in, we went to a great Easter Egg Hunt with the kids and did a lot of running around! For the most part the kids at the egg hunt were really well behaved and looked like this:
the little ones are strollin' along...

while there were a number of older kids who decided to take charge, and it looked a little more like this: 
some of these kids mean serious business! 

Another part of our Easter festivities was, of course, food!!! We tried to eat as healthy as possible, but we also wanted the kids to  be able to enjoy some candy from the Easter Bunny! While I'm sure the kids would have looooooved for their Easter baskets to be filled with this stuff:
yikes! that's a lot of candy...

....we made sure to balance them out a bit like this: 

candy, stickers and toys! 

Dinner of course was amazing. We had so much food-- we decided to do it potluck(ish) style and have everyone bring or come and make a different dish. The fiance and I looooove Green Bean casserole, so we found a healthy recipe version of the not-s-healthy dish and it came out awesome! Everyone was raving about it (to try it out for yourself, go here!)! 

How was your Easter weekend? Did you have any fun stories or activities with the family?!?