Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Friends!! It's American Diabetes Month!! Being that this blog is largely dedicated to fitness and living a healthy life, I thought it appropriate to post this awareness that it is in fact American Diabetes Month --- I'm sure that most of you out there know someone who is, or has struggled with diabetes and/or obesity. It's time that we start spreading the word on ways to get fit that EVERYONE can do to try and live a healthier lifestyle. A few examples would be yoga, pilates, running, hiking, kickboxing, biking, swimming, and even walking! We all know there are TONS of things we can do to live healthy on a day-to-day basis -- so help spread the word so we can help other people as they fight this battle! I'd love to hear ideas from people on how you are planning on spreading awareness this month!

xoxo Carolyn

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