Monday, March 25, 2013

Wedding Workouts

As I was flipping through channels this weekend I ran across an episode of Bridezillas -- you know the show I'm talking about -- the one where they show the Bride being a total B**** to all of her closest family and friends?! Don't get me wrong, I'm sure as the time gets closer to my own big day and the stresses start adding up that I will have my own freakout moments, but I REFUSE to turn into anything that resembles the women on this show!

"bridesmaid bootcamp!"
Anyways, back to my original intent... so I started to watch the show and was appalled at the "bootcamp" that this bride was putting her bridesmaids through in order to "look good" for the wedding day! Now, I am lucky that all of my bridesmaids are all classy ladies that take are of themselves and their appearances regularly -- but I couldn't imagine myself actually making them do bootcamp-type workouts so they look a certain way for pictures!

Buuuut, this got me thinking about what I was doing for my own workouts for THE BIG DAY. I have been doing my normal workouts such as yoga, biking, skiing, and some running thrown in here and there, but I haven't been focusing much on actually toning, which is an oversight on my part! Now, I still want to look like me at our wedding, but I want to look like a toned-me if you get what I'm saying. So I scoured the internet and found what I think is a helpful workout plan all based around the type of dress you are wearing. Now, I haven't gone dress shopping yet, but I do have an idea of what dresses I will most likely gravitate towards, and these all call for work on my arms, shoulders, core, back, and chest...


military press

lateral raises

triceps kickback

triceps extension



These are just a few examples.... anybody else have any great ideas for me on how to get toned for the big day?!

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