Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Run Sprint for your Life!!!”

I would go ahead and say that promising to blog every day was biting off maybe a little more than I could chew.  I’m sorry to have let you all down (and hopefully, you weren’t TOO let down) for not updating this as frequently as I had hoped.  Let me re-commit to my blog readers- I will blog as OFTEN as I possibly can.  You may see a guest blogger pop up here and there (hey, I have friends too!) but just know that my little spot on the internet isn’t dead J

ANYWAY- I am working with a trainer to try and better my physical fitness.  It’s hard going about it on your own and I figured a trainer knows best when it comes to proper exercises, nutrition and all around physical health.  It’s pretty cool and I’m jazzed about the whole experience.  That was, until I was introduced to sprinting.

According to springing is “The purest, most powerful physique-shaper in an athlete’s arsenal!”  Not that is my go-to site, but I figured I would do a little research regarding my grueling workout.

I’ll go through the basics…because I am NOT a certified trainer or any sort of authority whatsoever.  From my session with the trainer I found out a few key items about sprinting.

1.     ALWAYS do a warm up.  You can’t just sprint and think that you’re all set.  You’ll hurt yourself.  I’m pretty sure I almost pulled my groin muscle.  It wasn’t pretty.
2.     Start off with a few sprints going 60%.  I guess this is part of the warm-up but really give yourself time to ramp up to 100%.
3.     Pretend that a bad guy is after you.  It will make you sprint faster- I swear J

All in all, my session turned out to be great.  Once I got past the initial huffing and puffing and vomiting feelings, I was able to really appreciate the workout I had given my body in small amount of time.  I think that’s what makes sprinting so popular.  You can accomplish a lot without spending an hour on the treadmill.  Four to Six quality sprints will get your heart racing and blood pumping!

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