Monday, July 9, 2012

Hi Everyone!  My name is Carolyn and let me introduce you to my new blog! I've decided in this chapter of my life (hello mid-20's!) I need to take charge of my health and fitness.  I hope to reach out to others who may have similar goals.  Our bodies are our temples- why not make them the best they can be...mentally, physically and emotionally.  

Personally, I think it starts to become scary as we get older.  College is over for some of us and we are starting our lives as real, living, breathing adults!  These past few years since graduation have been up and down and I hope to provide more insight throughout my blog.  My personal goal from this point forward, is to live a healthy, happy lifestyle...and you are here to witness it!  

I would love to hear from some of you regarding your ideas, concerns, questions, insights to living healthy and happy.  PLEASE feel free to reach out...

twitter: @CarolynFallon

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