Thursday, September 27, 2012


I'll be the first to admit it is so much easier for me to eat my meals at restaurants, or on the go.  I'm so guilty of on-the-go eating lately that I finally had to stop myself.  On Monday, I went grocery shopping at maybe one of my favorite stores on the planet, WEGMANS.

If you're familiar with Wegmans, it doesn't need an introduction or explanation.  It is one of the best, if not the best grocery store in the United States.  This is my grocery store rank, incase you were wondering:

1.  Wegmans
2.  The Fresh Market
3.  Whole Foods
4.  Trader Joe's

Am I biased towards Wegmans because I grew up surrounded by them? Yes.  Do I care? No.

I'm getting off topic.  Sorry.

Getting back to my original story...not only does eating out at restaurants cost A LOT of money, it's not the healthiest option.  This week I've really worked hard at not spending money on food, and buying my groceries.  I wanted to share with you my dinner last night!  Take a peek:

Shrimp Pizza!

This was better than any pizza I could have purchased and it was cheap too!  It reminded me of a pizza I once had on Cape Cod, with shrimp and clams..but this one may have been better :)  I followed this recipe from Wolfgang Puck and tweaked it to my liking.

It was so great to prepare food, experiment with ingredients and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Plus, it saved me a pretty penny because I have leftovers!

I swear this little blog of mine isn't turning into a foodie hangout, and I have a killer spin class to tell you about next time.  Until then...enjoy the pizza!

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