Monday, December 17, 2012

Finding balance....

"Next to love, balance is the most important thing."
                 - John Wooden

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I ran across this quote a little while ago and loved it. I loved it so much that I wrote it down on a notepad in my kitchen. I thought because I "wrote it down," and because it was in my kitchen -- the place I am in every. single. day... multiple times - I would see it and be reminded to create and maintain some sort of balance in my life. 

Wrong. Very wrong.

What happened to that little note I had made for myself? It got covered with papers and mail from that week. And from the next week. And the next. 

I like to say that I am organized, but I am not sure if that is a lie or not. Maybe I "pretend" to be organized. What's that saying? Organized chaos? Yes, that's me.... definitely me!

So yesterday I took some time to go through my "organized" chaos pile of papers that have been sitting on my kitchen counter for what seems like forever (in reality, it has not been that long... but with all the junk mail and credit card offers, its a pretty large pile that makes it seem like it MUST be longer than it really has been). I sat down in front of the fireplace with a nice glass of wine and just started to pour through all the paperwork. It wasn't until the end that I saw that little note that I had written to myself WEEKS earlier... yeah, the one that I was supposed to read over every day to remind myself to try and find some balance?  

Well, needless to say, I found my note. And this time I got smart, and I taped it to my mirror in the bathroom (so I can look at it every morning as I am getting ready for the day). 

So....balance. What does it mean to have balance? To me, it means I am able to have enough time in my day to do the things I have to do and to do the things I want to do. That sounds a little bit like prioritization, but that's because I think the 2 go hand-in-hand. Balance and prioritization mean that I actually take the time to do what's important. I have to work so I can pay my bills. But I also have to leave time for myself to do things in my life that I want to do. Yoga and other physical activities have become some of those things. Spending time with my family, friends and boyfriend are others. Getting time to work on my hobbies, or read a good book, are some more. 

We spend a majority of our awake hours (on average) with our co-workers. My co-workers are pretty great, so this isn't a big deal to me. And ya know what, work isn't too bad either. But what IS a big deal is how that means I don't spend as much time with the other people and activities in my life.

So now, with that little note taped to my bathroom mirror, I am set to remind myself of finding and maintaining balance in my life. Balance between what I have to do and what I want to do. Balance between who I have to be, and who I want to be. 

Does this make sense? Does this sound too lofty? Or too "easy?" 

What are your tips for creating balance in your life? I would love to hear them! 

xoxo Carolyn 

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