Monday, December 3, 2012

'Tis the Season!

So I am usually waaaaay more on top of my game, but this year I just feel like I am way behind on everything having to do with the holidays (am I alone in this?) Usually I go out and get a Christmas tree   right after Thanksgiving, but I just felt like I had so much other stuff going on that I kept finding excuses for not going to get one.

FINALLY, I told myself enough is enough, I want my tree! I called my friend up that was also going to get her Christmas tree and I ended up going with her and her fiance (I must admit, it was very helpful having him there as my man had to work and wasn't able to help with the "heavy lifting")!

The weather wasn't too bad -- we did get lucky that it wasn't a blizzard out, and we were able to get the tree before all the rainy, crappy weather started!

Now I have the tree sitting outside my house, because although we beat the rain when we went to cut it down (I loooove cutting down my tree -- I had a fake tree in college, and although I understand the practicality of a fake tree, I just can't bring myself to not go out and cut my own down each year), I did NOT beat the rain by the time I got home, and therefore my tree was way too wet to put up! I'll wait until the bf can help too -- have to make him do some of the work! I must say, I am super glad that I went out and got it, and am really looking forward to decorating it! I don't have my own Pinterest account (like facebook, I am afraid I will spend waaaay too much of my time on it and I am already so busy as it is!) but I was looking at it with my friend the other day (who does have an account) and I have to say, I saw so many things I loved and want to do!

I love the warm, rich colors of this tree! (found at:

I also like the look if this window-decoration - it's kind of rustic while also being festive! (found at:

I found a lot of other ideas too, but I thought I would share a couple with you. I always grew up doing multi-colored Christmas lights but I really like the look of the white lights on the tree above, while incorporating lots of warm-colored ornaments and decorations! What kinds of color-themes do you usually do? Are you changing it up this year, or are you sticking with your yearly-traditions?

On another note... I am proud of myself -- although in the past I would have considered helping to carry   2 Christmas trees my "workout" I made myself to an at-home yoga workout. I love that I feel comfortable enough with yoga now that I can do it at home and feel that I am truly getting a good workout. Although I do love to get to classes and be a part of the experience with everyone else, it's nice that on the days I don't feel like going back out to go to a class I can just stay at home and still get a great workout! I am thinking of adding pilates into my exercise routine -- what do you all think? I tried if a few times in college with a roommate but never really stayed with it. What are your favorite at-home workouts?!

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